Buying the Right Industrial Pump for Your Situation

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Buying the Right Industrial Pump for Your Situation

15 June 2021
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Industrial pumps are used for many different materials, but moving water or other liquids can sometimes require a pump with pressure or volume specs to meet specific needs. Often these pumps are critical to an operation, so ensuring you get the right one for your application could make or break your process. 

Pumps And Features

In industrial environments, pumps are used to move many different liquids, and often the pump needs to be tailored to the material that it is being used to move. A pump that is moving oil, for instance, needs to have seals that are resistant to the oil and protections on the pump motor that will isolate it. This will ensure the oil is not heated or ignited while it's inside the pump or line that it's moving through.

These industrial pumps may need to have higher pressures than a standard pump to compensate for the weight of the material being pumped through them. In some situations, the pump may even need custom modifications to meet the specific purposes you need.

Working with an industrial pump supplier to find the right pump for your needs is an excellent place to start. The supplier may have something that will fit your needs already, but they will typically have the resources to find the right one for you if they don't. 

Sit down with the supplier and let them know what kind of industrial pumps you need or what you plan on using the pumps for. The supplier can then make recommendations for your use. 

Flow Rates

When you are looking for an industrial pump with a higher flow than a typical pump, you may need to work directly with a manufacturer specializing in these types of pumps. It is possible to move high volumes of material without adding a lot of pressure to the system. Some materials can even be adversely affected if pressurized. 

Often, high-volume industrial pumps are larger in diameter than pressure pumps, and the components inside of the pump may be very different. For example, the impellers are larger, and the motor may turn slower than a pump designed to build pressure. 

The surfaces inside the system are also typically very smooth, reducing turbulence and allowing the material to flow through the pump with little to no resistance. Understanding how to get the most flow of materials is very technical, but working with the industrial pump manufacturer to achieve the perfect mix of pressure and flow is often the best option when dealing with custom pumps for your industrial facility. 

You can contact a supplier in your area if you have any further questions about industrial pumps and their uses.